Any Plasma hack/fix to LibAdwaita look?

LibAdwaita locks any attempt to customize it because of that ugly embedded Adwaita theme. Are there any hack to fix the appearance of the LibAdwaita based apps to look more beautiful ?

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You can use Gradience to change the color scheme for libadwaita apps. There is a Breeze Dark preset.

I reinstalled it two times and it doesn’t apply the selected preset color to EasyEffects, even Gradience resets its color when it reopens.

The GNOME developers are quite attached to their Libadwaita style and its intentional non-themability. I think if it’s something you’re not a fan of, it’s time to vote with your mouse and keyboard and not use Libadwaita apps!


Some apps like EasyEffects have no alternative, so we have no choice but to continue suffering from it.

Did you click the “Apply” button in top-left corner and re-login after selecting the preset?

If your looking for theme consistency you can use GitHub - FedoraQt/adwaita-qt: A style to bend Qt applications to look like they belong into GNOME Shell and make all your qt apps use the adwaita theme. Theming between Qt and Gtk has been a issue for as long as Kde and Gnome have existed.

I want the opposite, I can’t stand that LibAdwaita based apps’ look.

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GTK_THEME=Breeze gnome-calculator

Well, setting that env var seems to make the apps look much worse than LibAdwaita :joy:

Because breeze-gtk hasn’t been ported to adapt to the new elements in libadwaita. If someone is interested they can contribute to do the work.