Any way to blur windows in Plasma 6?

Kvantum doesn’t work on KDE Neon. Can’t be installed from the main PPA. But doesn’t work at all even if the 3rd party PPA is used.

I can’t even use this color scheme (doesn’t work right): Alpha -

Hello? Can anyone help with this?

From documentation on their github

Since the PPA splits the package into qt6-style-kvantum and qt6-style-kvantum-themes, both of them should be installed.

Not sure if this will be of help or not as I can’t test as I am on a different distro

I had Kvantum installed before on Plasma 6. Blurred transparent themes no longer work like in Plasma 5.

This is what I get if I use Kvantum with this blurred theme with Plasma 6:

As you can see, the background of the calculator app should be blurred out.

I’m not too sure then without messing around with my system.

The above colour scheme is for Lightly (says at the bottom of the description).

Well, they should blur properly regardless.

What’s your Kvantum configuration? and do you have the KDE Blur Desktop Effect enabled in system settings?

I’m using KVGlass. And blur desktop effect is enabled.

Hm, I can’t even get Kvantum to do transparency properly. I don’t think I can help with this, unfortunately.

I just gave it a go with a few different themes and Transparency seems to be broken in Kvantum at the moment

remove the qt5 version and install the qt6 version

sudo apt install qt6-style-kvantum qt6-style-kvantum-themes

After updating recently, it broke the forced blur plugin. So, I just said to hell with it and set the opacity for each app I use to 95% under special application settings. Not blurred, but it gives me the similar effect of it being see through.