Any ways to downgrade KDE Neon to Plasma 5

I appreciate KDE team for their hard work on Plasma 6 but most of my custom themes and applets do not work on Plasma 6. I really don’t like modern Flat/UX aesthetics used in Breeze theme and I want at least my windows decoration themes back.

Any ways to revert Plasma upgrade without breaking up Neon installation?


install kubuntu instead.

i also appreciate all the hard work that went into plasma 6 but today i’m even more grateful that i didn’t go bleeding edge.

it’s chaos out there today.


If you have BTRFS and snapshots, you can go back that way.

I am just planning to not do updates for a couple of weeks.

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If you have the space, create a separate home partition, move your stuff there and then do those things. Also keep a live usb around.

You may be able to switch to kubuntu by changing the repos in /etc/apt.sources.list or how its called.

If the downgrade doesnt work just uninstall plasma (dont know how the metapackage is called on neon) and reinstall kubuntu-desktop or how its called.

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No, not from the KDE neon repositories…
There is no way to downgrade unless you use LVM/ext4 with snapshots or btrfs with snapshots or have any other kind of system backup.

One solution could be to install TUXEDO OS 2 instead - which is based on (K)ubuntu and KDE neon, but they always wait several days or weeks longer than KDE neon until they release new Plasma/Frameworks/Gear versions (because they have paying/enterprise customers and their systems have to work).
But you will get Plasma 6 etc. from there eventually, too…

Or change to Kubuntu 22.04 LTS, Kubuntu 23.10 or Debian 12, MX Linux 23.2.

See Overview: Kubuntu, its parent and some of its siblings for a comparison of the different KDE components in some Debian-/Ubuntu-based distributions.

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Generally speaking downgrading from 6 to 5 is not supported by Plasma. It may or may not be technically possible, depending on your distro, but things may break in various ways.