App System Activity gone in KDE6

In KDE5 there that app System Activity ( System Activity - KDE UserBase Wiki ). It was an alternative to plasma-systemmonitor. And I definitely liked it better! 100 times better, I loved it :heart_eyes:!
It was faster, it was more customizable, had better features (for me) and it even looked better (IMHO)!

During upgrade to KDE5 it has disappeared from my system. Is there a way to get it (using KDE6)???
I was searching for it, but so far no joy :slightly_frowning_face:


They decided to keep just the System Monitor, so System Activity (a.k.a. KSysGuard) wasn’t ported to Qt6.

If you are comfortable compiling programs, I’ve been using this port:

Be sure to clone, or download, the kf6 branch (which is the one linked above).

I really tried sticking with System Monitor, but it doesn’t seem to list all processes, as I asked this other day on another thread:

Also, the newer one resets previous customizations on the process list every time you try to edit it, for example to add a new column, and I can’t make column reordering work.


I loved this too! i liked to be able to hover the mouse over things in the list and it would show me a pop up with the directory along with other clues to what app it is associated with, very fast pop up too…Id hit the ctrl + escape keys, and it would be on my screen ready to use, and then the little search filter box right at the top…fast and easy to narrowed things down…going to miss this feature… :confused:

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Thank you for your response Rodrigo!
I’d love to compile it, standard make && make install doesn’t do the trick. Could you please provide a command for this code?
I’ve tried cmake . but it’s apparently not what I should do.

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I tried to make a step-by-step script, with comments.

The dependencies are for openSUSE, if you are using a different distro, the package names might be different. But the script below might give you a good start.

Also, CMake will fail on a missing dependency, and its error message will also give you a good hint.

Hope it helps =)

# on debian/ubuntu based systems this would be
# the same as installing the "build-essentials" package
# it provides basic compilation packages like gcc, git, etc.
sudo zypper install --type pattern devel_basis

# cmake and KDE's extra cmake modules
sudo zypper install \
    cmake \

# required QT6 dependencies
sudo zypper install \
    qt6-core-devel \
    qt6-widgets-devel \
    qt6-test-devel \
    qt6-xml-devel \

# required KDE dependencies
sudo zypper install \
    libksysguard6-devel \
    kf6-kconfig-devel \
    kf6-kcoreaddons-devel \
    kf6-kdbusaddons-devel \
    kf6-kdoctools-devel \
    kf6-ki18n-devel \
    kf6-kiconthemes-devel \
    kf6-kitemviews-devel \
    kf6-kio-devel \
    kf6-knewstuff-core-devel \
    kf6-knewstuff-devel \
    kf6-kauth-devel \
    kf6-knotifications-devel \
    kf6-kwindowsystem-devel \
    kf6-kconfigwidgets-devel \
    kf6-kglobalaccel-devel \

# optional dependencies
sudo zypper install \
    qt6-webenginewidgets-devel \
    qt6-webchannel-devel \
    zlib-devel \
    libnl3-devel \
    libpcap-devel \
    libcap-devel \

# clone the code, note the kf6 branch, you can also download the tarball
# or zip file
git clone --branch=kf6

# the git clone command will create a directory named the same as the repo
# let's move into this directory
cd ksysguard6

# a common practice is to create a build directory
# to hold compilation artifacts...
mkdir build

# ... and then, let's move into the build directory
cd build

# prepare
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..

# compile

# install
sudo make install