Apple Airdrop Integration (OpenDrop)

So i just recently came across this open source implementation of apple airdrop: Code | Open Wireless Link github repo: GitHub - seemoo-lab/opendrop: An open Apple AirDrop implementation written in Python

and so i was thinking adding airdrop integration to plasma would be a very good addition, as it is already kind of a standardized protocol (by apple devices) and it is a very useful feature many people enjoy using on a regular basis, i imagine it would be very useful for both desktop and mobile. For example, you could add a little right click option on files in dolphin that says “share with airdrop” (or something of that nature) and it would allow you to share the file with airdrop to any compatible devices nearby, im sure more could be done with airdrop integration into plasma and i am keen on hearing what the rest of the community may have to say about this proposal.

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Just FYI, and not sure if you read it but OpenDrop is more of an experiment than something even remotely usable. For example, it requires users to extract keys from an existing macOS install :rofl: Also, since this is a reverse engineering effort for a product that Apple still produces it will change over time and thus prone to breakages.

What about this isn’t solved by KDE Connect? Not only is it now supported on iOS, but you can already “AirDrop” files from Dolphin by right-clicking files and sending via KDE Connect :slight_smile:

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