Apple Silicon support?

Hi so thrilled to find out about this open source project and yet so dissapointed no native M1 version available. Will it be in the near future ?

Hi there,

I’m not sure which open source project you mean, since you didn’t add any tags, but if its about kdenlive (guessing because of your name): There should be support for M1

See: Kdenlive 22.04 released - Kdenlive
and: Installation — Kdenlive Manual 23.08 documentation

Besides the improvements to the Windows and macOS versions, Kdenlive is now runs on Apple’s M1 architecture

If this isn’t about Kdenlive specifically, you might be looking for But it’s hard to know without more information.

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hi yea i was talking about the kdenlive app.
Well i did see there was apparent support for M1 macs, but on the download page it only shows Intel macs, that’s what got me confused. Where can i get the native Apple Silicon version ?

The download page offers a .dmg file (even if it says Intel). If I understand correctly .dmg files can contain both intel and m1 binaries, or Universal binary - Wikipedia?

Can you follow the installation guide and see if it works?

Hey, unfortunately the binaries provided on the download page are Intel-only; though they may run on arm64 too because of Rosetta 2. I wonder if that blog post was referring to the Intel binaries working as-is, or if it can be successfully built and run on arm64 Macs – I assume the latter.

I’m curious what’s needed to build such Universal binaries in CI, would love to see more KDE applications provide these (e.g. Kate ;-)).
Krita already builds them, so it might be interesting to see how they did it and if this can be (easily) set up for other projects too.

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