Application Dashboard, selecting an application requires mouse/touchpad activity

Topic: Using the Application Launcher, Menu, or Dashboard.
When using Application Launcher or Application Menu, I can start typing a command, and an application is selected. As I continue to type, it reduces the number of applications. I can then simply hit return when the application I’m interested is the one selected.

With Application Dashboard, no application is ever selected. Hitting return literally puts a ‘line-return’ in to the text of the search??! The only way to select an application is to select with the mouse/touchpad.

Request that the interaction of the Application Dashboard be the same as with the Application Launcher and Application Menu.

An extreme example.

  1. Search has down-selected to only one application, but it’s still not selected. Mouse/touchpad required to open the app. Hitting return causes 2&3 to occur.
  2. After hitting several returns, the search field pointer simply moves down the page.
  3. This is the actual location of the text entry of the search field.

This is a known bug in Plasma 6:

Ohhh…thanks! I should have searched over there first. :slight_smile: