Application icons disappeared from tray in Plasma 5.27.9


I am running Fedora 38, Plasma 5.27.9.

After some update dropped, application icons in the system tray disappeared. I run Slack, Telegram, Skype. The applications themselves still work fine and their message notifications still appear, but they are on the common “bell” icon; individual application icons no longer show.

How can I fix this? I could not find anything suitable in the System Settings screens.

whether or not an application will put an icon in the system tray is totally up to the application… you have to search thru each of your application’s settings/configuration/preferences to find the “add icon to system tray” check box.

OK now after having a second look at your post a bell went off. I believe I know what you are referring to.

You have the icons but they are hidden til you click the bell in the system tray, right?

If so on the rightside of your systray you should see a little arrow pointing down. Rightclick it and select Configure System Tray. Once the dialog opens click on Entries on the left side and adjust each to your liking.

If I click the bell I see the message notifications. However, I do not see the app icons themselves. And I kinda need them.

The Entries list does not have any of the applications. I tried selecting “always show all entries” but none of the applications reappeared.

And it’s very improbable three applications at once (EDIT: actually four. forgot Signal) stopped putting icons in the system tray, it has to be something Plasma. What is common between the applications is that none of them are specifically KDE. So something happened with the freedesktop systray?

I realized I did not update this system for a week or a bit longer now, updated/rebooted. While the Plasma version remains 5.27.9 (wonder when they will bring 5.27.10), the issue has resolved, except for Signal alone. Signal’s tray icon is still nowhere to be seen, but Signal is not critical.

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i think the op is referring to settings such as this one in Elisa


where it will place an application icon in the system tray where you can still control the app from there even when the window is closed.

Yea I got that. From his first post couldn’t be sure what he was referring to.