Application ideas

A Discourse app that allows me to browse multiple instances of Discourse would be nice. One of the main reasons I still use reddit is that it allows me to see and interact with posts from multiple communities (e.g. /r/gnome, /r/kde, /r/opensuse) from a single feed.


This might actually work. Thank you.

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A little app that lets anyone create a colorscheme based (light/dark changing) wallpapers would be really cool.

Potentially based on GitHub - dylanaraps/pywal: 🎨 Generate and change color-schemes on the fly.

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I just found an older mockup for that:


A password manager that supports Keepass files would be good. There is already KeepassXC for desktop, but it’s also a Qt Widgets app so probably isn’t nice to use on mobile. It also uses its own icon set, and the toolbar doesn’t seem to integrate with Breeze’s header-bar style colour scheme.

This seems very similar to what can be done with Kirigami Add-ons.

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Oh, that reminded me…
We will probably need something like:

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Yes, but the KDE/Plasma key manager is kwallet(manager5).

I would propose to integrate all fetures (and e.g. compatibility) in one app.

See also my proposal:

Many things are there. But kwalletmanager5 isn’t a full functional manager but pretty well integrated.
KeepassXC is more or less the standard and will be used also on other platforms.

OpenKeyChain is a good GnuPG Key Manager and well supporting Password Store

Why not combinig things together which are more or less available.


I would like something like Switcheroo, mostly because I am an artist and I resize several of my works to upload them online.

I would also appreciate something like Tangram to have some webapps.

I don’t know how much something like Tangram can be made since it is interesting to have windows in the shape of a grid, but if not I still made a mockup, I’m sorry if it’s not the best.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t see that the post was for Plasma Mobile.

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