Application ideas

Here is some application ideas for Plasma Mobile, I would like to work on if I had more time (or had a clone machine). Feel free to comment with yours :slight_smile:

Spotify client

There is already a qt widget client that can be used as base for inspiration GitHub - kraxarn/spotify-qt: Lightweight Spotify client using Qt and GitHub - kraxarn/spotify-qt-quick: Lightweight Spotify client using Qt Quick . There is probably opportunity to collaborate with the author

Webtoons client

I love reading webtoons and this is my morning ritual, so it would be nice I could do it from with a Kirigami app and whitout ads. Various android application are already able to do it so it shouldn’t be too complicated.


I would like to see Organic Maps on PlaMo.
I’ve created an upstream discussion about porting it to Qt Quick/Kirigami:
convergent UI with Qt Quick · Discussion #4408 · organicmaps · GitHub


Not all entirely new apps, but also larger extensions of existing ones:

KDE Commute

The commute counter part of Itinerary, ideally automatically detecting your regular commute patterns and offering useful assistance, like watching for public transport disruptions and suggesting alternatives if necessary, watching for rain forecasts in case you bike, etc. A lot of overlap with Itinerary in the building blocks but very different UI/workflow I think.

Extending Kongress

Indoor maps as we have them in Itineary showing the talk rooms etc, ActivityPub/Mobilizion based distribution of event and schedule information replacing/augmenting the currently provided central configuration, ability to take notes attached to talks and generate follow-up tasks out of that.

Extending Qrca

Integrating with (online) databases of product information like Open Food Facts, see Wikidata Data Reuse Days 2022 Recap.

Emergency & Weather Alerts

Basic building blocks in Volker Krause / KPublicAlerts · GitLab, but waits for getting the push notification infrastructure out. Then that still needs to be put into a proper usable app.

Matrix-based group/team travel/event coordination

This topic came up around FOSDEM a few times, but it’s still too vague to know where that would best fit in I think.


100% yes please! We need a good map/navigation app!

I’d also love to see the Spotify Qt Quick app see some love. I tried it a while back and it’s definitely still heavily in development.

Though more than these two apps I’d love to see just more time spent fixing the core apps and shell on Plasma. It’s already an amazing experience, it’s just got a lot of rough edges that could do with some polish.


Unfortunately, one of the main OMaps devs thinks QML is slow so it might be kinda blocker for us.
See the discussion above.


That’s unfortunate. Let’s fund KDE to fork all the things and make them QML (oh and buy Qt)!


Here I go with totally unrealistic ideas: “Protektor”:

  • security settings: scan for settings you probably want to reset, the fwupd list but with things a power-user is able to fix, a clamav scanner UI, an adware scanner for stuff you might want to uninstall, links to autostarting app settings.
  • A family-safety settings: set screentime / per app time limits, set domain blocking lists system-wide, set app blocking: only one browser for ex., and set content rating limits for apps from Discover.

I think creating some basic game applications can be useful as well, especially for new contributors.

I had always wanted to create a mobile rhythm game for Plasma Mobile but alas, no time…

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Do you think it could be good project for a GSoC maybe?

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Some of these ideas are definitely good candidate for a GSoC.

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Don’t know if this suits the mobile space. But I found lack of iso to live usb writer or memory card flashing app. there is on gsoc project but it is in alpha stage


There are many people that use docks with the PinePhone, and so they can flash USB sticks! So an application like that can be pretty useful if convergent.

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speaking of USBs
I think something like this will be useful if you don’t want to carry your USB drive

if Plasma Mobile will be able to be used as desktop, being able to use a screen without dongles will be really cool.

  1. plugin you phone
  2. boot a small distro
  3. use display connected to the computer
  4. enjoy your desktop experience without dongles

one problem is that you need competition and probably smaller resolution

also there is some work on Kde connect for Plasma Mobile bit I think there wasn’t much progress

considering that Plasma Mobile is much more open maybe some exclusive feathers can be added that don’t work on android

if anyone is interested then here is the source code (maybe change folder to mobile app instead of app)


Netspeed widget in a customizable status bar and adjusting the brightness by swiping finger without having to pull up the action drawer

I would love to see a KDE app for managing my retro games collection :slight_smile:

See the WIP KRetro app Seshan Ravikumar / kretro · GitLab :slight_smile:

Awesome project, but it’s not the same. Kretro is for playing games, I want an app for managing physical games.

A Gemini client similar to Geopard would be super niche but nice.

Might be helpful, but I learned of Office / Tellico · GitLab recently and it might help you manage the collection. I haven’t tried it yet though, but I might use it soon myself :slight_smile: