Application prevents shutdown/logout/reboot


since Plasma 6, I have an application (Cisco VPN Client) that prevents me from shutting down/logging off/rebooting my desktop computer. After a timeout, I get a notification asking me to confirm the shutdown. If I turn off my monitor too quickly, my workstation will not shut down due to this notification. This was not the case in Plasma 5. So I guess something has changed since then.

Shutting down/rebooting from the terminal with sudo works without a notification popup.
I don’t know if it has something to do with admin rights to close background processes or if it’s a user setting. Is it worth a bug report?

openSUSE Tumbleweed with latest plasma 6.


If there’s a bug here, it’s with that app not closing when asked.

I don’t really know if it’s just the app. I did some further tests:

  • As a user, I can close the app without notification through systemmonitor (right click → send signal → TERM)

  • as already mentioned, i can also shut down the pc via the terminal without any problems

  • On Fedora with Gnome, I can shutdown/reboot/logout (same app, installed with same install script) as expected without any notification

  • On Fedora with KDE, same problem as on openSUSE TW

  • The notification only appears if the client has a network connection. If the client is open but not connected, it closes normally when shutting down.

Only shutdown via the app launcher (Kickoff) triggers this notification. I think the bug lies in the network connection, which cannot be closed/terminated under KDE.

I have seen a similar issue since moving to Plasma 6 (I also moved to Fedora 40 at the exact same time for reference). Specifically for me the issue comes from Firefox when I shutdown in that it wants to close all my tabs, e.g.


then pops up the Notification that @Vasco has shown. Which I then have to manually hit “Log Out Anyway” to keep the same behaviour as before.

Previously Firefox would simply close and the machine would shut down/logout & thanks to Plasma’s Session Restore feature my Firefox would be restarted with all the tabs intact. I do feel like this is a bug with something as keeping tabs open for very extended periods of time is how basically anyone I know uses their browsers (maybe it’s poor behaviour but it is what it is). If the issue if Firefox’s it would be good to get some pointers about what is causing the different behaviour so I could submit a more complete bug report to Firefox instead of KDE.

One more hint: This additional notification only appears on Wayland. X11 works as expected.