Application-specific window decoration theme

On Plasma 5.27.10, I’m trying to create a KDE rule that changes the title border of Konsole from the default window decoration theme to its dark variant. Setting the ‘Titlebar Color Scheme’ property to a different colour scheme doesn’t work. The title border colour is only responding when a different window decoration theme is selected, but such a property is seemingly absent.

Is it even possible to set an application-specific window decoration theme in KDE?

You could use a kvantum theme like QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=Kvantum “theme” konsole. There are several posts about this.


Please take a look at the Kwin “ Window Rules” – <>

  • It’s located in the “System Settings” → “Workspace” → “Window Management” → (application specific) “Window Rules”.

Window rules only have a titlebar option in this regard. For a specific style, you need a qt override.
Here’s an example of a different color scheme set with a window rule.

And this is with some random kvantum theme. Not sure if it’s only the titlebar or the entire application what is wanted.

This is both