Applying transform/scale effect makes video slow down

I’ve found that when I apply a Transform or Scale effect to a video clip, like making it 105% rather than 100%, the video then slows down, so it is not smooth.
I tried using proxies, thinking it was the 4K video, but the exact same thing happens.
I’m on PC using the latest version.
Any ideas?
The sound is OK (not slowed down) but the slowed-down video now makes precise editing impossible, making kdenlive unusable for me.

Do you mean playback in the project monitor? This is to be expected for PCs with older or not very powerful CPUs.

When effects are applied to a clip, Kdenlive uses the MELT framework to render the clip for preview/playback in the project monitor. This is done using only the CPU (GPU support is coming but will take a while).
There are several ways to overcome this:

Hope this helps …

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Many thanks Bernd! I will give this a whirl.