Apt autoremove wants to remove plasma-framework6 and libkf6pulseaudioqt4

I have all the latest KDE Neon updates according to Discover and pkcon. apt autoremove wants to remove plasma-framework6 and libkf6pulseaudioqt4. Are these safe to remove? If not, any tips on how to resolve this?

If the packages are already installed on your system, running apt autoremove shouldn’t remove the exact packages that were already unpacked. Running apt autoremove removes dependencies for other packages that were already installed. :smile:

You can check to see if plasma-framwork6 and libkf6pulseaudioqt4 have been removed by running:

dpkg -L plasma-framework6
dpkg -L libkf6pulseaudioqt4

Those commands should show you a complete list that pertains to the package.