Are headings with a sidebar useful?


Doesn’t it seem redundant to have the


header when it’s displayed on the sidebar?

from a technical perspective, probably

but from an aesthetic perspective, i like the visual space it creates and it kind validates the mode i’m in while on that tab.

if anything i would argue the second “save” in ‘save location’ is redundant.



That’s another good note.

That sounds like more there isn’t enough padding for you. That’s probably a better fix than this, right?

I can’t imagine that checking whether the sidebar and heading name are identical (and thus then disabling the heading) would be infeasibly difficult.

When that left sidebar has few items, it seems to be useless, but when the list becomes bigger, then that big title is a must to have.

For example, in this picture if you didn’t have that big title, how can you easily identify which section you are viewing ?


I see, @medin. So the sole potential improvement would be to hide the title solely when none of the sidebar is hidden from view. I can understand why that is minor enough of an improvement to have not been implemented yet. Thanks.

By the way, what KCM is that which you use to update drivers?

It’s Manjaro Settings Manager KCM, it provides settings for kernels, drivers and languages packages.

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That’s impressive, @medin. I wish they would package it for other distributions. Perhaps I could request that at Issues · Applications / manjaro-settings-manager · GitLab.