Are kwin crashes on Wayland still expected to take down all windows?

I remember reading somewhere that, on Plasma 6 onward, Kwin crashes or even kwin_wayland --replace & would preserve open windows/applications, just like kwin_x11 --replace & does, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this.

Every time kwin crashes or I want to “restart” it when debugging a Kwin script, all windows are lost, including applications minimized to tray. This is really inconvenient as I still experience crashes every couple days.

In Plasma 6, windows of apps using Qt6 survive. Everything else still dies.

If you’re seeing something different, that would be very unusual.

Can you give some examples of Qt6 apps? I don’t recall anything that survived recent crashes…

edit: ok, it worked for kwrite.

Is this going to eventually work for other frameworks? Most apps I use frequently are still being lost, like Firefox, VS Code, Slack, and Thunderbird.

Yep, KWrite is made with Qt6. Almost all KDE apps are at this point.

IIRC there’s already support in GTK4, but those apps you mention are all GTK3 and Electron. I’m not aware of Electron support yet. That’s probably something we should do as well.

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thanks for clarifying it, looking forward to more frameworks being supported.