Are PlasmaTube and AudioTube not ready for public usage?

PlasmaTube seems to show nothing due to invalid server, while AudioTube returns some search results but without any songs list to play

I use audiotube, and it works well. Can you provide more info : is it installed as flatpak, snap, package of which distro ?

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I’m using Manjaro, I installed the native version 23.08.0.

I use manjaro too. Is it from the repo of manjaro ? I suppose yes . I had problems with the flatpak version. Maybe try re-installing .

Why the hell would I use a Flatpak or a Snap on Manjaro ? I’m using Unstable branch which pulls packages directly from Arch stable repos, the app is available there as native, and reinstalling it does nothing, the app is simply broken, I even encountered a crash the moment I clicked on play button.

I said that because it was only available as flatpak before.
In my side the music is playing but at launch it is complaining about the version of python-ytmusicapi:

Running with untested version of ytmusicapi 1.2.1. If you experience errors, please report them to your distribution.qrc:/MinimizedPlayerControls.qml:142:9: Unable to assign null to QQuickAnchorLine

But it runs. (version from the repo)

I downgraded python-ytmusicapi package from 1.2.1 to 1.1.0 according to this warning message shown on terminal : The currently tested and supported version is 1.1.0
But nothing works, and the app still crashes when I click on play button.

Run from terminal shows

futuresql: Running "select * from playlists"
Cannot initialize model with data QJsonObject(). missing: QJsonValue(string, "urls")
Cannot initialize model with data QJsonObject(). missing: QJsonValue(string, "urls")
qrc:/components/DoubleActionButton.qml:131:9: Unable to assign [undefined] to int
KeyError: 'content'

  /usr/lib/python3.11/site-packages/ytmusicapi/ nav
  /usr/lib/python3.11/site-packages/ytmusicapi/mixins/ get_watch_playlist
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  audiotube

I think PlasmaTube is down because Google shut down the default Individous instance it was using.
Audiotube has some quirks but it should work overall. Please report the bug at It might be a Manjaro packaging issue as well, the devs will figure out in the bugreport.


Yes this is the reason, the default instance is borked but it should work if you use another instance. That reminds me that we should switch the instance (or if someone is interested, it’s a great first merge request!)

Ideally it would prompt you on first start-up to select an instance from a list, or possibly choose one based on some criteria (like if it even works).


Sorry if I sound stupid, but after getting some result like this

If I click on Play it crashes, if I click on Shuffle it crashes, if I click on those three dots beside each song and select “Play Next” nothing happens, adding a song it to a created playlist never worked, importing YT list url crashes it too.

I don’t know if I’m using the app in the wrong way, but it never played any music since I installed it for months.

NB: I’m currently using 23.08.2 version.

I would file a bug report for that

I already reported it, a commit was pushed, but I don’t know if it’s included in latest 23.08.3.

It looks like it’s supposed to be in 23.08.3

It doesn’t seem to work for me, even with that commit included.

AudioTube 24.02.0 seems to work fine on Plasma 6.0.2, but it requires qt6-multimedia-gstreamer to be installed, without that package it generates the following errors and refuses to play any selected media:

could not load multimedia backend "gstreamer"
QtMultimedia is not currently supported on this platform or compiler.
Failed to initialize QMediaPlayer "Not available"

Plus, ArchLinux/Manjaro seems to pull the latest version of python-ytmusicapi package which is labeled as untested by AudioTube, while the supported one is 1.5.1

On which distro? If you file it against their bugtracker, they should be able to get that fixed quickly.

The problem is that audiotube requires qt6-multimedia which requires qt6-multimedia-backend that’s provided by either qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg or qt6-multimedia-gstreamer.

If you already have qt6-multimedia-ffmpeg installed then audiotube will fail to work. Which means audiotube needs direct dependency on qt6-multimedia-gstreamer which I think is needed due to hard coded calls to gstreamer library (I’m not sure if it’s the case).


This is confusing, Audiotube needs Gstreamer, but I found that Qt considers ffmpeg as the default backend

FFmpeg as the default backend

FFmpeg framework is set as the default backend on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux except Yocto distribution.

Backend support

even some major issues with the gstreamer backend (on Linux) won’t be fixed since gstreamer is difficult to debug and is further complicated as it is dependent on Linux distributions.

We aim to align the behavior on all the platforms, especially, with the FFmpeg backend.

When initially porting AudioTube to Qt6, the ffmpeg backend wasn’t able to stream from YouTube Music. Playback initially works, but consistently aborted after ~1 minute.
Since gstreamer worked fine, I didn’t investigate further.
It might be time to try the ffmpeg backend again.

EDIT: It’s still broken in Qt 6.6.3 / 6.1.1