Ark - Plugin Development (tutorial?)

Hello, I was thinking about writing a plugin for Ark to be able to open DOOM and GoldSrc file formats but I was unable to find a “tutorial” how to do it. There was some example but it did not seem right (to be working correctly, it is few months ago, I just remembered I wanted to do something like this).

Is there an example plugin (or tutorial) which is good to look into for someone who never did anything KDE related?

Formats I was thinking about were:

  • DOOM/DOOM2 WAD (probably Read-Only)
  • GoldSrc WAD (should not be difficult to make Read-Write)
  • GoldSrc BSP (Read-Only, at least textures but maybe also entities)

Those are at least formats I know how to implement (how they work) but I would probably later implement Quake (similar to GoldSrc) and Wolfenstein 3D (due to connection with DOOM).

The implementation itself - I was thinking about creating “virtual” files for textures which will show them as BMP (with correct size) but convert them only on request (or for preview?). I am not sure about map geometry but I can make it look like OBJ and/or raw “lump” data. I would probably need to use (sub)folders to keep it organized (especially for DOOM as they are already grouping their data).

I know I could make a custom editor (with more/better functionality) or use existing (designated) editor but I would want to try it as a Ark plugin, even if there will be minimum users of it.

Best thing to do is to reference existing plugins: