Arm cluster & hardware acceleration?

Learned of the Turing Pi RK1 SBC in the cluster board (room for 4 boards) . The RK1 appears to have hardware encoding H264, 8K@30FPS,VP9/H265, 8k@60FPS, AV1/AVS2, 4k@60FPS.

Can kdenlive take advantage of these for hardware encoding?
Will Kdenlive take advantage of the clustering setup in a board like this?

In addition to their RK1, the cluster board will also support Jetson and Pi4 Computer module.

Could this be a cost-effiicient way of getting 16 or 32 cores and up to 128 GB of RAM?

We have never tested Kdenlive on Turing Pi RK1 SBC.

Kdenlive runs on Linux (Ubuntu 22.04). As far as I see Ubuntu 22.04 is not ported on Turing Pi RK1 SBC.

Kdenlive Mac ARM version will be available with Kdenlive version 24.2, but this will not run on Turing Pi RK1 SBC.

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Is kdenlive able to take advantage of the ARM MALI graphics processors to do hardware acceleration?

Is a single board computer with a MALI processor at all competitive with a x64 system with a dedicated graphics card for video rendering?

As far as I see ARM MALI is not supported by Qt6, so Kdenlive doesn’t support it neither.