At what icon size is stuff colored?

The easiest way to describe what I mean is to compare two installations.

I installed a laptop using KDE and after setting up stuff like I wanted I realized, that the icons in dolphin is colored unlike on my desktop installation where it they become black/white at that size.

I realized how nice this was and am now trying to get this to work on my desktop but are getting nowhere.

The settings are exactly the same on both systems so something must have changed and on my old installation it did not go through.

It is the “preview icon size” I am talking about.
On my laptop they are colored at this size, but on my desktop I need to increase one more step for them to become colored and that size it to big for me.

Please point me in the correct direction.

I figured it out, kinda.

It installed both wayland and x11 session but defaulted to wayland.

I was playing around with steam link and had problems so I went into x11 instead to see if it had to do with that.

I now, when I booted up the computer selected wayland and dolphin looked exactly like it does on my desktop. Confusing, did I dream all of above?

Logged out and changed to x11 session and boom, in Dolphin it looks like this, super nice!

BUT, the desktop is now scrollable, this can be related. (I mean the actual ~/Desktop) This means the icons all the way at the bottom was not visible unless i scroll down on the actual desktop.
Changing back to wayland and the full dekstop is seen.

I have Global scale to 125% on the laptop (not on desktop), small screen, old man, old eyes and all that. Might also be related so I mention it.

So my question is, is there a way to get the icons in Dolphon to look like above and not like this at this “icon size”?

Since you have a 1.25 scale ratio in Wayland, all icons are in fact 1.25 bigger allowing to use images with bigger resolution, and past a certain resolution those images are colored.

Well, I was probably unclear.

Using wayland on my laptop looks EXACTLY like it does on my desktop computer (at size 2 the icons are black/white), it is on x11 where I can have the tiny size and have coloring (and what I am trying to achieve here).
So it would be the opposite to what you are typing then.

But I will try to set the global scale to 100% and see if that is the only difference.
If it is this, that would mean if I scale my destkop computer to 125% it should also change there, but it seems to not. Even if I try to move back and forth between wayland session and x11 session.
On my laptop the x11 ~/Desktop becomes scrollable if set to 125% as I mentioned above.

So my question stands, is there a way to force coloring at “size 2”?
Besides, I do not care too much about x11, wayland is soon to be where we all reside right, so it is there I want to have the tiny colored icons.

The answer depends on your icon theme. There’s no standardization around this. But I can tell you that with the Breeze icon theme, icons that exist in both forms will switch into their colorful form at 32px and larger. Not icons do, though; some only have monochrome symbolic versions at all sizes and some only have colorful versions at all sizes. Generally the icons that most consistently have both forms are the “Places” icons, which are used for folders and such.

Ah, so I was on the right track, it has to do with pixel size and that might change when other things on the desktop is changed, like scale.

I have too look at the actual icons I am using OR make sure my resolution is making them between x and y size.

Follow up question about this, there is no way of locking that pixel size in f.ex dolphin is there?
I guess in essence, can I override the scalability of the desktop in specific applications? In this case Dolphin. (on wayland)