Audio compressor

which audio compressor do you use? I’ve always used the SC4 - (ladspa.1882) from Steve Harris’ SWH plugins for a long time. This one is very good, but can’t be found in the AppImages.
Does anyone have experience with the Compressor/Expander - (avfilter.compand)? Its settings are very unusual and they cannot be set intuitively.

I used the Compression/Expander as my audio compressor. But for me, it works well by setting its initial values into higher/lower decibels and/or seconds for the audio clip.

Glad you’re using a compressor, too. Yes, this Compressor/Expander is quite easy to use because of its basic setting.
However, there is one problem: At least in the default setting, it tends to pump. That is, after a loud passage, it suddenly becomes audibly quieter. This is noticeable and not at all natural.
Therefore, I recommend that you try the SC4. Here is my setting, with which I usually get along well. Only the Makeup gain should be set individually, sometimes more, sometimes less.
This settings are good for spoken language. Different rules apply for music.

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I use “lame” on the command line

Hello @anon28531175
Does lame have a compressor? I am amazed. But it would be much more pleasant if the audio editing can actually be done in Kdenlive, often you still need a small change in the project and then it is very annoying to always have to edit the audio externally.

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Lame, it’s just a compressor, it’s for
encode or decode, wav to mp3, mp3 to wav.

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Otherwise I use another software to edit the sound with multi-tracks
(increase the volume, lower it) if that’s what you’re looking for, I’ll tell you about it in the next message.

I even have another command line program, which allows you to hook the audio to the video track, without having to do it with kdenlive, (this saves a lot of time)

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Hello @anon28531175
I don’t want to encode or decode with the audio compressor at this point.
I also want to do much more than just increase or decrease the volume.
With a classic compressor you adjust the dynamics. The loud parts are made quieter and then everything, especially of course the quiet ones, are raised again together. So the sound gets more pressure, is perceived as louder and often more understandable, without clipping.
This all works pretty well with the SC4 - which unfortunately is not automatically installed with Kdenlive.
I am curious about your thoughts on en3, although I always try to avoid command line programs. I like to be surprised.

I use “Audacity” it works very well for what you described.

Yes, sure, with Audacity you can edit the sound very well.
But in my workflow it is very important to have everything in one software. It happens very often that I want to make small changes again and again, also to the sound. That’s why it’s important for me to do everything with Kdenlive.
Thank God Kdenlive has a compressor, “SC4” and an equalizer, “Ttriple band parametric with shelves”.