Audio compressor

which audio compressor do you use? I’ve always used the SC4 - (ladspa.1882) from Steve Harris’ SWH plugins for a long time. This one is very good, but can’t be found in the AppImages.
Does anyone have experience with the Compressor/Expander - (avfilter.compand)? Its settings are very unusual and they cannot be set intuitively.

I used the Compression/Expander as my audio compressor. But for me, it works well by setting its initial values into higher/lower decibels and/or seconds for the audio clip.

Glad you’re using a compressor, too. Yes, this Compressor/Expander is quite easy to use because of its basic setting.
However, there is one problem: At least in the default setting, it tends to pump. That is, after a loud passage, it suddenly becomes audibly quieter. This is noticeable and not at all natural.
Therefore, I recommend that you try the SC4. Here is my setting, with which I usually get along well. Only the Makeup gain should be set individually, sometimes more, sometimes less.
This settings are good for spoken language. Different rules apply for music.

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