Audio effect issues - Afwtdn [filter avfilter.afwtdn ] Unexpected return format

Hello there,

I started using audio effects in kdenlive and discovered the following error:
Afwtdn [filter avfilter.afwtdn ] Unexpected return format.
This error is shown inside the window of the audioeffect.

I searched for ways to solve this but didnt find any solution. I tried different kdenlive versions and also the 24 beta. the error happens on every tried version. Any ideas how to solve this?

I have the feeling that it might have to do with a missing default value for the interface? Please help. I need those effects. I am getting the error for several effects. How can I solve this?

Hullo! I am experiencing this issue as well, running 24.02.2 in Windows. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what to do about it.

Hi, and welcome to the forum and community.

This is indeed an issue with the filter/effect XML file. The audio filters/effects need a lot more TLC and volunteers to find those issues. No solution or workaround exists, AFAIK.

I figured that might be the case, thanks for the info!