Audio record without highlighting clip?

Hello! I’m making some travel videos, and I’m making extensive use of the Audio Record Track to do impromptu voice over, and it’s been working great.

One annoying thing, though, is that every time I record something, it changes my clip to show me the new thing it just made, which I never want it to do. If I wanted to listen to it, I would listen to it in the timeline where it’s in context. But because it does that, I have to scroll back through the clips to find where I was again, every single time after each line. Is there some option I’ve missed that turns that off, so I can just record and it’ll leave my project bin where it was?

While we’re at it, two other things which bother me is that it also places the new recordings in the project bin at the top level, which also seems a bit crazy to me. It would be nice if I could designate a folder for them to default in, so I never have to see them. And also on-disk they seem to accumulate in my project dir, and it would also be nice to have them go in a default on-disk folder. Does anyone know if there are settings for either of those either?


Looking in the code, specifically:


    QString binId =
        ClipCreator::createClipFromFile(recordedFile, pCore->projectItemModel()->getRootFolder()->clipId(), pCore->projectItemModel(), undo, redo, callBack);

seems like you can’t configure which folder in the bin it ends up in, and



makes it seem like it unconditionally selects the new clip. Unsure if that’s technically required by the requestClipInsertion that follows, or if it was just a UX choice.

Also, from

    if (KdenliveSettings::capturetoprojectfolder() < 2) {
        captureFolder = QDir(pCore->getProjectFolderName(audioCapture));
    } else {
        captureFolder = QDir(KdenliveSettings::capturefolder());

it looks like in the Environment section of the main Kdenlive settings I can set it to always put all captures either into a particular global folder, or into the root of the project folder, but not into a project-specific folder or a globally specified subfolder of the project folder.

Hello @psycotica0 . Thank you for contributing. If you have C++ and Qt skills and if you have time and are willing you can make a merge request to add that new path settings. Source code is here: Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab

Now that I know where to look, it looks like Capture Folder a little inflexible (#1395) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab is the issue relevant to the “subfolder of project folder” idea.

Default capture folder. (#1732) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab is not directly related, but is kind of in the same vein, which is “if I’ve picked to put things in the project folder, but the project hasn’t been saved yet, it would be nice if there was a default other than my homedir for captures”. This would be sorta solved by having a subdir of project dir, meaning if my subdir of project dir is “Audio Captures”, then it’ll be <project dir>/Audio Captures, and I assume before you make a project it’ll be ~/Audio Captures, which is at least better than dumping a bunch of wavs into the homedir… Progress perhaps, but not exactly what the ticket is about.

I haven’t seen a ticket yet about making a default bin to put them in, which is a bit surprising, because it’s been a real problem for me. Maybe I’m just the only one using the feature this much :sweat_smile:

I’ve made a pull request for the one about putting new captures into a bin folder.

Others are hopefully incoming.

Second pull request for the actual topic of this post. Recording an audio capture without changing what the bin is looking at.

It remains to be seen if this simple version which just deletes those lines get accepted, or if I’ll need to do a more complicated version that makes a setting so people can choose what they’d like to happen.

Note: I tried to link this one and the whole thing got shut down as spam. Maybe it was too many links in too short a time? Anyway, you can search it, it’s MR 468

Yeah, the forum limits what you can do because You’re New Here - but it will automatically relax if you keep using it. See Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

In a perfect world it would give brownie points for showing up with patches - but we don’t live in one of those - so you’ll have to settle for people like me saying Thanks For That :slight_smile:

Okay! So, Merge Request 468 which is the main one this question was about, is now merged. So audio captures no longer highlight in the bin, breaking my flow. :tada:

One of the other two things I brought up, automatically sorting Audio Captures into a bin folder, was already merged in Merge Request 467, so that should also be good now.

The last one, storing the audio files on disk in a subdir of the project dir, is my next focus. That one has an issue for it (1395) already, though, so I’ll just deal with that one there and call this thread done. Thanks!