Aurorae theme without inner borders

Hey everyone!

I want to use a Plasma decoration theme without inner border.

Now, please don’t ask why/how/etc, but I don’t have an option to use default KDE theme/s and that’s the whole reason for this post. Well, apart me being a total noob :slight_smile:
Ideally it would be something that Kubuntu use(atm) by default

I tried to understand the docs: User:Mgraesslin/Aurorae - KDE TechBase and Aurorae Window Decorations | Developer
but I failed to understand how this can help me.

Is there a way to download some more or less nice aurorae theme from and modify decoration.svg / *rc file maybe?

I spend a lot of hours trying to figure this and failed. Tried to make my own with CMake, tried bunch of stuff with inkscape and *rc file, but without success.

Perhaps it will be helpful if I say that I want unmaximized windows to be the same as maximized. Maximized windows seem to not have these borders.