Auto dark mode (Sunrise/sunset)

Is there any intention to support auto dark mode (According to sunrise/sunset) in settings?
I tried apps like Koi and Yin-Yang, but it’s still not very good.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, there are plans to bring this to Plasma 6 eventually. Some work was already done in kcms/color: Dynamic Color Scheme (!2567) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Workspace · GitLab. There are some outstanding UX questions we need to work through to unblock it, but that’s taken a backburner right now to the ongoing Plasma 6 porting and stabilization work.

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That’s really great. Waiting for this feature, it’ll be really cool.
Thank you so much for help.

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Hmm, if this is not shipping with Plasma 6, I think this won’t be a real thing until like Plasma 7, as this needs quite some thinking and redesign of the hierarchy of color-related settings. E.g. how to deal with “unrelated” settings like Konsole colors (which are handled via profiles), Plasma themes, Kate syntax schemes, …

Here‘s the design discussion: Day and Night color scheme switching (#59) · Issues · Plasma / Plasma Workspace · GitLab
Here’s the bugzilla issue: 408563 – Provide option for day/night color theme switching

Being able to tie this to sunrise/sunset would require geolocation and probably a few other things like polling certain meteorological organizations in the user’s area. This would not be easy, but if done, and the developer also created an alarm that would signal Friday sunset and called it Shabbat Alarm, it would go over big with the Hebrew community.

No, I am not Jewish. I just know that is is important to some people.

The sunrise/sunset part already exists as part of night light, that’s not the part that requires work.


I don’t use night color, so I was not aware that was there. Thanks.

I just checked and it is not nearly accurate enough. It may be possible to get the accurate data from the Mozilla Location Service API, but I don’t know for sure.