[Available until the end of 2024] Mouse gestures support on Plasma 6 Wayland


See 436627 – Mouse gestures don't work in Wayland

Feature Requirement

  • Usable on Plasma 6 Wayland
  • Same as khotkeys in Plasma 5.27, including but not limited to custom activation mouse button, timeout, import/export saved data. (3500 RMB, ≈ 478.7335 US dollars on 2023-09-28 00:20 (Beijing Time))

If you can implement the additional features, I am willing to pay additional 1000 RMB:

  • Modifier support (Ctrl/Alt/Shift and their combinations + Activation mouse button)
  • Wheel support (e.g. Activation mouse button + Wheel Up/Down)

I know the money may mean little in developed countries and compared to the feature that is going to be implemented, but there is a higher chance to see the feature being implemented if there is anyone else who needs the same feature willing to pay additional fees.

Payment Method

Any transfer method that is usable and legal in China. For now it includes Paypal, Alipay and Wechat at least.

Transfer fee is included.


There’s this project mouse-actions and it kinda works, the gestures work but the mouse button assigned to the gesture stops working.


Looks promising, but my bounty is still valid if someone can upstream it to Plasma.

Is anybody working on this?

Not yet. If anyone is interested, they should comment under this thread first.

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I have never developed for KDE. So, I need some time to do some research and see if I can do this. If I decide that I am capable of adding the feature, I’ll comment here.

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I installed KDE Neon Developer Edition and did some research. If I understand correctly, the current situation is as follows;

KDE 5 was using KHotKeys for mouse gestures which is archived now. So, current KDE 6 builds don’t support mouse gestures even on X11. Implementing mouse gestures would entail developing a completely new kcm module from the ground up.

Is that right? If so, I’ll need a few days to understand how KHotKeys worked, at least on the surface. Then I’ll start a new repo for the new module and see how far I can get with implementing the gesture support.

Also, I might need to ask some questions along the way. Is this post or Discourse the right place? Or is there a platform better suited for development related questions?

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Note that KHotkeys only supports X11, so you likely need to touch kwin input code to implement a gesture protocol.

BTW, it doesn’t really matter if the final product supports X11. As long as it supports Wayland, it’s enough already.

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Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.

Got it.

The KDE project has certain requirements and workflow you need to adhere to in order to get your code merged. KDE has mailing lists where you could ask questions before you commit to work. It would suck if you implemented the feature only to find out that it’s been done incorrectly.

https://invent.kde.org/ is a good place to start.


Thank you.

I have a question though. If the requirements are KDE specific and not generic (e.g. don’t submit work too much to review, use the tooling and coding style already being used in the project, etc.), shouldn’t they be formally documented somewhere?

Also, the progress is much slower than I had hoped. I have created a repo for my work and as soon as something meaningful happens in that repo, I’ll make sure to get feedback from someone in the relevant development team.

Another question, are mailing lists the primary method of communication among KDE developers? What about this Discourse forum or Matrix rooms? Are they secondary means of communication?

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You might need Policies/Frameworks Coding Style - KDE Community Wiki but generally the commit hook should already check it before you commit to upstream.

I’d say this is definitely not a junior job, but I can provide some ideas:

I can’t guarantee my idea is fully right., so you’d want to get in touch with KWin maintainers, and https://matrix.to/#/#kwin:kde.org should be preferred. They also read the mailing list but the reply may not be in time.

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Thank you very much.

As @fusionfuture said

So, it would have taken a lot of work and a very very long time for somebody as new as me to implement this feature. Therefore, I decided (pretty much around @fusionfuture’s comment but forgot to tell; sorry for that) to spend my time somewhere else.

I hope this gets implemented but sorry to say that the implementer won’t be me.


No worries. Thanks for your interest already


I’d love to see this feature come to Plasma 6 as well, and I’m willing to chip in another 200€ (Paypal, bank transfer).

The conditions outlined in the start post sound good to me!


The lack of mouse gestures is one of the few major barriers for me to switch to Wayland. I can pitch in €100 (PayPal) to see it resolved as well.


So we’re at 3500 RMB from @fusionfuture, €200 from @s3rius and €100 from @Angelos_Skembris. Adds up to around €750 or $800 (USD) so far.

That’s not insignificant! Starting to get me interested, maybe I’ll decide to sign up for it in a little bit.


If this effort includes configurable trackpad/touchscreen gestures, I’d be willing to throw in US$200 into the pot as someone who relies heavily on this in other platforms and would like to have this on KDE Plasma.

Payable via PayPal.


50€ here (Paypal or cash even if in Berlin with a free beer :slight_smile: )