Backup [ Or Cloud Backup] of system configs

I have recently been trying out different distros, so far loving KDE Neon! But I can’t seem to find a Backup option for data, I would primarily like to backup my plasma configs, my installed external apps (Or at least references to their repo in the app store). I could be installing neon on a few other occassions, so I would like to have that feature, to mitigate repititve task to some extent

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Copy your /home to somewhere.

Completely beats the purpose of a reinstall.
You WANT to reinstall applications in a reinstall.

If you want to create a list of installed applications you can create a txt file with them before reinstall with apt list --installed > installed_applications.txt

Well, that is true, but am looking for a one-tap solution to downloading all preferred apps. Your suggested command looks promising for that, Thank you!