Baloo search works everywhere except Dolphin

If search for a word for a word I know is in a PDF in a location that is indexed by Baloo, using krunner or baloosearch then the file is found.

If I navigate to that location in Dolphin and search for the same word, nothing is returned,

Doing the same test as a different user on the same machine works OK, so something is wrong with my account

Any ideas?
I’m on Arch if that makes a difference

I disabled baloo, deleted the database and then reenabled baloo and it’s working ok now.

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Unfortunately a lot of Baloo issues are solved like that - I sometimes find that I used incorrect tags on some files, and if I remove the offending tags from the files, Baloo still finds the old tag, even if I remove that tag from all the files so it shouldn’t even exist. And the only way to solve this is to clear the database and reindex everything.

There’s a terminal command to do it in one go:

balooctl purge

If you use it, note that balooctl will start to immediately output it’s indexing log to the terminal, so you’d want to close the terminal after you run the command - it will not stop the indexing, so there’s no need to worry about that.

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The thing to try with baloosearch is to try both:

baloosearch "what you are looking for"


baloosearch -d ~/your-folder "what you are looking for"

It seems that basing your search on a particular folder has been problematic, You’d see this behaviour in Dolphin if you go to “your-folder” and search from there…