Beat detection, change video on audio beat

I want to change video or effects on beat. Is there something like beat detection or another way I could approach this?

AFAIK, Kdenlive does not have anything out of the box for that. But someone made a YT video about a workaround:

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I can’t follow the instructions (see timestamp) since I don’t have a tab named guide and I wasn’t able to find a way to import clip markers. Maybe that changed in recent versions

You can switch it on by going to Menu > View > Guides.

Guides have been around for a long time, also the ability to switch widgets on or off. You may want to look at this section of the Kdenlive documentation.

Thank you. I was now able to import the markers. Now I face the issue that I can’t move the track and markers together

Make sure you differentiate between Guides and Markers: Markers — Kdenlive Manual 23.08 documentation

Markers move with clips, Guides don’t

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