Become a Plasma 6 Supporter!

Plasma 6 is coming in February 2024. Support KDE with an official membership and your name will be recorded in the release of our brand new desktop environment.


From my early testing Plasma 6 looks really cool already!

How to Become a Supporter

Fill out the form above

Note that if you view the site using a mobile phone the form is on the bottom.

Our aim is to sign on 500 new supporters within the next 4 months for before Plasma 6 launches in February.

Lets go! One down, 499 to go!


Thank you so much! It really helps.

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with me it’s now 498 to go :wink:

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For me the donation box is in Polish (?), while the rest of the site is in English. Language is set to English. :thinking:

edit: okay, the box is in English today :smiley:

Also, does this mean is being sunsetted?

It will be sunsetted, yes.

Anything I need to do or will my membership (and PayPal payments) just carry over?

I believe you’ll have to manually sign up for the new thing once the old thing is removed. This hasn’t been communicated yet, but will be. If you wanna get a jump on it, you can migrate now. :slight_smile:

Well, my yearly donation was just this month. :sweat_smile:
Guess I will be awaiting migration news soon (hopefully). :smiley:

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Up you go thread!

28% (142 Members) already achieved! Lets go people, lets make this 100%!