Best way to contribute to Plasma Mobile?

Hello there! I just installed Plasma Mobile on my tablet and I love it, although there is still work to do, and I’d like to contribute as much as I can, reporting bugs and problems and perhaps committing some push request in the future. What is the best place to report bugs and ideas? Bugzilla? Discuss?
If in the future I’ll find the time to put myself into fixing something by myself, or perhaps even trying to create some brand new application specifically designed for mobile devices, what is the best place to propose it? I don’t think I’d be able to maintain any project for a long time, would it be wasted time in your opinion?

Thank you for your work!

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(Speaking of bug reports. The convention is that if you get your software from a distribution, you write bug reports to the package maintainers of the distribution. The package maintainers then decide how to proceed.)

We’d certainly love more help on the Plasma Mobile experience! Jump in on Matrix and from there the team can help you get started!

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