Better Accent Color Integration

Default Plasma Plasmoids currently do not follow Accent Colors scheme.

Here are some Proposals for tighter integration:

1. Accent color palette Generation
Accent color palette generation a la Android would help users automatically theme plasmoids and other colors across KDE more efficiently imo. Maybe the palette can generate upto 6 colors which can be invoked using relevant plasma libraries (sorry I am not well versed in plasma libraries/backend).

Samsung’s implementation:

2. Accent Color (or palette) as a toggle in plasmoid colors
Changing the color on each plasmoid individually after a wallpaper change feels too tedious of a task. The plasmoid can request KDE to provide the accent color or the user can override the accent color for custom colors. e.g.

In my screenshot I manually use a white and a lime as an accent to the wallpaper.

In Binary Clock:

The “Use Custom Color” can very easily also turn into a list like this messy mockup I made:

Screenshot_20240602_200438-1 image

I would love to see a unified color theming in KDE.

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Plasma already picks up the accent color for apps and applets. So u are trying to get more color sets for a single app?
Like not just white and lime, but more set pf colors in between or related to them?:thinking:(Like the one u mentioned in Android above)

~4-6 colors probably.
1 complement, 1 black/dark shade and 1 white/light shade with the 1 accent color are probably mandatory for something like this to work.

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Ok got it. I would love to see MD3 in KDE. But anyway it’s customisable, so instead of a specific color system, letting users change the colors and sharing a theme file will help I guess. But as u said more colors will be cool too.