Better Emoji Support

I’m developing software that simplifies the propagation and integration of emojis into all aspects of computer usage, including software development and project management. I really love kommander, but it does not properly render the names of file system objects (folders, files, symlinks) that have certain emojis in them. The desire and support for a growing array of emojis in computer usage is expanding exponentially. I suggest you jump on board this wagon soon!

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Do you have Emojis rendered in Clipboard or Notifications? Or Konsole, Kate, or so many more?

I always have pretty high res but monochrome ones instead the normal noto sans ones

I said kommander, while my intent was to say Konqueror. I haven’t used very many KDE applications as yet. So I’m not sure about support for anything but the browser.

It’s a Qt bug :frowning: Loading...

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Can’t say I ever encountered any issues with emoji’s on any app.

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