Better Emoji Support

I’m developing software that simplifies the propagation and integration of emojis into all aspects of computer usage, including software development and project management. I really love kommander, but it does not properly render the names of file system objects (folders, files, symlinks) that have certain emojis in them. The desire and support for a growing array of emojis in computer usage is expanding exponentially. I suggest you jump on board this wagon soon!

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Do you have Emojis rendered in Clipboard or Notifications? Or Konsole, Kate, or so many more?

I always have pretty high res but monochrome ones instead the normal noto sans ones

I said kommander, while my intent was to say Konqueror. I haven’t used very many KDE applications as yet. So I’m not sure about support for anything but the browser.

It’s a Qt bug :frowning: Loading...


Can’t say I ever encountered any issues with emoji’s on any app.

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haha you never encounter issues even with your riced af Plasma

Yeah I have big emoji issues too and no idea why.

On Fedora default font is noto-color-emoji and it doesnt seem to work.

This is the state of my system since forever

  • some emojis missing in the picker because Fedora didnt update the font package
  • these weird b/w line based emojis everywhere, no clors at all

Nah, I can use the stuff pretty much anywhere. I’d say that the main issue I ever had was the emoji thing not working at all in some kubuntus due to some missing lib something. Grabbed me some from debian and that did the job. O well, tons of those emoji pickers available so…

Still exactly the same on Fedora 40 Plasma 6.

What fonts do you use @dzon ?

Fonts? Regular Noto Sans.
Emoji’s allover the place. Browsers, qt, gtk…doesn’t matter.

I havent tried GTK. Firefox displays them normally, but among the KDE apps only the emoji picker does.

Some while ago I tried using some emoji font pack and mixing it with the font I use. I suppose the regular one is enough?

I tried fontforge and others but found nothing where I could just overwrite all the Unicode Emojis, and they were also all over the place?

Using the font “noto color emoji” seems to use some strange fallback font, not noto sans.

Thanks @carl I saw there likely is a fix in Qt soon!

This is so needed!

Still when this is done, I would like to combine Inter with the Apple Emojis.

Lets see how that goes.