Big problems with plasma 6: downgrade possible?

I think that the upgrade to plasma 6 has caused so many and so big problems, that I would be better to remain to plasma 5.
Therefore I ask:

  • would it be possible to downgrade to plasma 5?
  • would it be possible, in a PC not yet upgraded, to avoid the upgrade to plasma 6?

Thank you!

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First, welcome to the KDE Discuss forum.

From what I’m seeing here, you may have to move – possibly temporarily – to another Linux distribution.

For example:

  • openSUSE Leap 15.5 – do not dream about Tumbleweed – KDE Plasma Version 6 is currently being being built and suffering the effects of “openQA” and, as soon as the SUSE and openSUSE folks get the QA issues sorted out, it’ll appear in the Tumbleweed rolling releases …

  • Kbuntu.

  • Arch Linux – Plasma 5 is tagged as “Extra” – Plasma 6 is tagged as “Extra-Testing”.

  • Debian stable has Plasma 5.

Plus anything else that’s a Linux distribution.


You can deactivate repository of KDE archive, until Plasma 6 is more stable

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I Would add to that PCLinuxOS -KDE 5

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@DoctorSubtilis are you using Neon, or another distro?

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KDE Neon, yes! And I still love it…
I wouldn’t switch to another distro. So in my main PC I avoid any upgrade, at the moment.