I’m trying to download Kate for Windows, one of the nightly builds, but it appears is down, and has been since last week.

Is there any other way to download (not install online) a binary for Windows of Kate?


Binary factory has been replaced by gitlab

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Thanks for that information, however I don’t see any Windows executable installers for Kate, am I missing something?

Also, should I file a bug somewhere to update the Kate website to point to wherever the new resources are?

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Disclaimer I have neither used binary factory nor the gitlab binaries.

But from the comments of one of the blog posts:

You’d have to look at the artifacts of the craft-macos-* jobs of kdeconnect’s CI pipelines, but kdeconnect currently doesn’t have any mac OS builds set up. I guess the KDE Connect developers wouldn’t mind a helping hand setting up those builds.

So I guess it would be similar for windows and kate.

So after a bit of testing:

  1. Go to Jobs · Utilities / Kate · GitLab
  2. Find a pipe line that has passed that is called craft_windows*
    for example:
  3. Download the artifacts.

In the Zip file there should be a Windows installer ( I think):


Yes! That’s it, thank you very much. I never would have found it without your help. Hopefully the Kate website gets updated with this information. I can’t work on Windows without Kate!

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Oh man, textbook example of what happens when you let devs run client-facing interfaces lmao

Guys, please, find a way for people to download binaries without having to dig through build jobs and artifacts. Also, at least the Kate website still happily links to binary-factory. Don’t just push changes without having a plan. :frowning:

The current situation is less then ideal ofcourse, but I wouldn’t blame it on the devs.
They have a big upcoming (mega) release. They worked tirelessly the last few months to make this a success. They do all the work.

Time for others to step up:

Just to chime in here, it looks like there are discussions online about this “feature” for Gitlab, where currently the dynamic pipelines/artifacts are not easily accessible to outside tooling (such as download links).

It seems like there may be a way to tie an automated task to publish a successful pipeline artifact (which would be useful for new Release binary deployments), and could still be helpful for the nightly files:

Adding on, it looks like only relying on these artifacts has another issue; the downloadable files are automatically discarded after 3-4 days (e.g. the last successful 23.08.5 deployment was on Feb. 22, 2024, but was removed as of Feb. 25th or 26th). This seems like a challenge for being a reliable distribution platform, at least without something that can archive the desired successful results for longer.

Again, nightly files may be an exception, but some testing can involve rolling back to previous builds, so I am not certain that an ephemeral download location is great in the long term.

Also want to acknowledge that there is a ton of great work happening around Plasma 6 and and QT 6, and that in the meantime I can work around this by simply holding the version I have until I can point at the new tooling. Just also want to be thorough in looking through this so that this documentation can be helpful for future discussions.

This is wrong. exited since a long time already and has only been switched to a new backend. It does not replace which is a news aggregator and not a blogging platform.

For the download of nightly binary artefacts an easier to use replacement will go Live in the next days.


Thanks for clarifying.

I just noticed the dead link and the news about the new backend and came to a wrong conclusion. I removed the wrong information.

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No problem, you are welcome

Anyone able to fix the links on Kate’s (and possibly other programs) website?

Seems latest binaries produce no more artifacts for anything not a flatpak…?

Nightly binary artefacts for Kate are available now. Please close this thread if that resolves your problem.


Awesome, thanks for the fix!