Bitwarden Snap - Big Issue - Spiral Keeps Going and Going - Can't Reach Database

I have no such issue with the AppImage, the Bitwarden website, nor any of the browser extensions. Noticed something was off when my Bitwarden desktop app failed to sync, so I logged out, logged back in, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted — nothing I do helps. Went to bed, got up, same thing even after freshly installing Bitwarden using sudo snap install bitwarden

Bitwarden support says there is nothing wrong with the current snap, which was apparently released April 8.

Here is my post about this: Desktop App on Linux Not Working - Password Manager - Bitwarden Community Forums

Anyone know what is going on?

I put in my e-mail address, then my password, then wait for my 2FA code, then the Debian spiral symbol just keeps going and going forever. Can’t reach the database.

The AppImage, meanwhile, works perfectly and as expected.

Issue is resolved after typing this:

sudo snap connect bitwarden:password-manager-service

See here: Error when syncing the vault. · Issue #8651 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

Wait a second.
You let snap have root access to your password database?
Ok buddy…

Not really blaming you for doing that, the commit clearly states to do this, or “give privileges”.
Is this really how snaps work? :open_mouth:

The snap is officially verified by Bitwarden and is in my understanding the best Bitwarden desktop app version for Linux. The Flatpak is unverified and not official. Not sure what you mean about giving the snap root access to my pass database. Obviously the Bitwarden desktop application needs full access to my pass database?

I’m a Linux amateur to be sure, but all snap programs require sudo to install. They have restricted permissions and are heavily sandboxed. The sandboxing is why the database was not syncing until the Bitwarden engineer provided the command line fix.

What are you suggesting? I trust Bitwarden with my password database based on following the Bitwarden security model where my password is never sent to Bitwarden and the database is locally decrypted.

As far as I can tell the snap is superior to the Flatpak, the deb, and the AppImage.

Of those, only the deb and the AppImage also are officially verified and sanctioned by Bitwarden.

I choose the snap over the Flatpak for added legitimacy. Similarly I choose the snap of Brave and Chromium over any other version.

At the GitHub link I cited, a computer science professor named Peter Drake admits to using the snap of Bitwarden.

Also see this upvoted comment on the Flatpak of Bitwarden (

“I consider it unsafe and prefer to install it via snap, which is official.”

Which Bitwarden desktop app version would you recommend?

Also, who are you? Are you a highly experienced Linux developer I should respect? I don’t know the weight or meaning of your posts.

I use the AppImage because there’s less to fail. An update can break a snap or snaps in general. It can be very bad if your password manager doesn’t work. [edit] The original post would appear to be a case in point.

You don’t need to worry about that. It’s just that some linux users hate some pieces of software and it’s safe to ignore such users. For example, there was a time (back in the era of KDE 1.0) that some linux users really hated KDE because it wasn’t “really free”. Now linux users mostly hate, systemd, canonical and everything that canonical made (eg ubuntu and snaps) and also nvidia :slight_smile:

PS: No pun intended, I just wanted to clarify to you (since you are “a Linux amateur”) that there’s nothing to worry about

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