Black screen on fresh boot of fedora 40

i upgraded a working fedora 39 guest on a windows 10 host running under vmware workstation 17.5. the windows 10 host has an nvidia RTX A3000 laptop gpu. the upgrade was smooth. on reboot, the login screen was black. i believe this is sddm using wayland to display the login screen? i ssh’ed into fedora and installed plasma-workspace-x11 (unsanctioned, i know). but there was no way to select an Xorg session from the black GUI. and i haven’t figured out how to do it from the command line (yet) to see if Xorg will work. looking for recommendations on how to fix this or workaround this. thanks in advance.

i just changed ‘DisplayServer’ from ‘wayland’ to ‘x11’ in /etc/sddm.conf and now everything is working again. so the problem is likely wayland. strange that it worked on two other laptops but not the failing one. and by ‘worked’ i mean i was able to login to both wayland and Xorg sessions using plasma there.

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