Bluetooth devices not connecting

Plasma 6.0.2 - KDE Neon 6
yesterday my music devices were gone. No more sound output or input.
during daytime there appeared an update that fixed this, but destroyed bluetooth input devices. I need to manually start “pulseaudio.service” to get it back to work. The autostart seams to be broken.

Hope the Plasma 6 nightmare will end soon and I will enjoy working again as before…

Destroyed? Like got a large hammer and squashified them flatter than a flat thing?

need to manually start “pulseaudio.service” to get it back to work

You know the great thing about services?

They will tell you why they failed to start if you ask them nicely…

That is know to be quite useful in helping people to get things working again.

I don’t know if a hammer was involved, but everything what was in there magically disappeared…

There was a mesa update this afternoon. Behavior even stranger now. I’ve got some new drivers and they gave me 8 speakers in my laptop (i’ve only 2)

The bluetooh device is ‘connecting’ but does not make the ‘connected’ noice and it is not recognized as an audio input/output device and does not do anything…

how do I nicely ask the services feedback? I try to be very polite to my computer, but we don’t always seem to speak the same language…

Same problem here. Despite the aside comments, I hope someone can properly respond to the OP.

there’s no solution yet I think. Somethimes, with a driver update the behaviour is different, but it is still not working. In most cases I can make the speakers work and bluetooth devices connecting again by restarting pulseaudio:

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio.service