Bold font has become too bold in KDE Plasma 6

Fedora 40 with KDE Plasma 6.0.4:
A bold system font (e.g. font of descriptions of updates in Discover or sections font of left panel of system settings) is too bold. E.g. ‘i’ read as ‘l’, some bold font characters merge together.

Fedora 39 with KDE Plasma 5.27:
Bold system font was been better, and ‘i’ read as ‘i’.

Is the way to fix it on Plasma 6?

Fonts: Breeze naitive fonts
Screen resolution: 2560x1440
Screen scaling: 100% (1x)

This is either a change in Qt, or, more likely, a change to the fontconfig file. All of which are outside of KDE.

See a prior example in 479818 – Incorrect bold font rendering.