Brave webbrowser creates extra icon in panel when started

Hello, since today, when I start Brave a new underlined Brave icon is created on the far right side of the Icons-only Task manager panel. Underlined meaning the program is running.
It used to be when I start the browser with the icon on the left side of the panel, that icon would be underlined and no one would be created. The icon is pinned to the panel.
I have deleted the whole Brave directory structure from disk, uninstalled the program, re-installed it and copied the directory structure from a backup to the local harddisk. Still the new icon is added.
This only happens with Brave, I checked all others and they don’t do that.

In thread and I see something which I don’t have:
in the screendump between “Sort:” and "Middle-clicking any task"there is an extra line saying: “Clicking active task:”. I don’t have that. Was it removed or is something wrong in my setup? I use Plasmashell 6.0.4., KDE Frameworks 6.2.0 and Qt 6.7.0.

In thread: people mention it only happens when using Wayland. On Fedora 40 there is no X11 so I can nog use that. This thread is about Google Chrome. My browser Brave is from the same family. Could it be it has something to do whit that? I’ll look into that.

This may be an issue with Brave, as I believe that the task manager collapses the new window into the pin when the window class matches, so it may be that Brave is changing its window class.
Maybe if you open a new Brave window where it isn’t folded into the pin, and then pin that window as the shortcut might fix it? I don’t use pins so I’m a bit unfamiliar with the way it works, but I hope this helps!

You are great. This just did the trick. I pinned the extra created icon to the task-manager, deleted the original one, moved the extra created (now pinned) icon to the left (where it belongs), closed Brave and re-opened it with the new icon. Now I only have one visible in the task manager. fantastic.

You wrote you don’t use pins. How do you do things if I may ask?

I primarily open Konsole and Dolphin with their respective keybinds (meta+e and meta+enter for me), and anything else I use KRunner (alt+space).
I have quite a keyboard-heavy workflow, including 9 virtual desktops, so the keybinds work best for me.
I do have a task manager, but it’s hidden by default and is the text one, so I can see what’s on my virtual desktops fast if I need to (I also heavily use alt+tab to switch between windows).

I see, a totally different way of operation than mine. I just use the mouse and click. But I don’t have many programs open at the same time. Krunner is something I never use. I have a filled panel with pinned icons and work from there. But, that’s KDE, you can use it the way is best for you.
Thanks again.