Breeze Dark - Flickering on left-most portion of window when loading web pages

1-pixel wide column appears white and flickers during page loading when the page respects the dark theme. I’m using Wayland and don’t believe this issue is on X11. I see it flickering now also even though I switched to Breeze regular because my KDE Discuss account is using a dark theme. Not just during page loading, but constantly. I use built-in Intel graphics on an old Intel CPU.

Edit: issue disappeared on this page when I reduced from full-size the current window. Then when I made it full size again, it remained fixed.

The issue is with Breeze regular as well. I resolve it as noted above: by hitting Restore Down and then maximizing the window.

My default habit is keeping windows fully maximized. When I woke up from sleep my computer now and went to check my e-mail, I had the thin white column on the left flickering. Restore down, then maximize to fix it.

Occurs on this window as well. Same process to fix it.

Clearly a Wayland issue. May be related to my personal hardware. Mesa Intel® HD Graphics.

Is this only on one browser or all?

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Just tried the Flatpak of Firefox and same issue. Then I uninstalled it and went back to the Canonical default and thought it resolved itself somehow but now I have the flickering column on the right side instead of the left.

When fully maximized, my Firefox window is letting in some of the desktop background on the far right in a column going all the way down. And it flickers.

Edit: looks like my previous reply was lost. My browser crashed. I was just saying that I don’t seem to have the issue with Brave, Chromium, or Librewolf.

Definitely do have it with either the Flatpak or Canonical version of Firefox. Definitely don’t have it with X11. I am noticing it now because the last few weeks I had been using X11 with no issues whatsoever. I’m using Wayland now because I did a fresh install and it defaulted to Wayland, so I figured I would try it out again.

For me the best workaround when using Firefox is keeping the window less than fully maximized.

Yer I use Firefox with Brave as a backup just incase of issues but have not noticed anything simailar in either

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Just saw your edit and thought I should mention I am using these through the Arch Linux repo and the AUR for Brave

Just noticed it is not the browser doing that, it is the edge of my monitor. But it happens only with Wayland.