Breeze Grub Timeout Buffer

I’m not aware of the intricacies of Grub, but when the grub boot screen with the breeze theme times out and boots to the default option the small thin white line at the bottom (spans the whole horizontal monitor space because the time has run out) stays in the buffer (I think it’s a buffer) and doesn’t disappear, which is noticeable for me because I have a slow boot time on a HDD. It even briefly shows after selecting an SDDM option I believe. I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or a bug. When you manually select a boot option, the buffer is completely black which I prefer.

when your computer is using grub it is using the display in whatever mode was set by the theme… this all happens before your graphics drivers kick in.

it’s probably either the countdown progress bar or has to do with the image file used for the background not matching your display size.

you can try playing with different themes to see if one works better for you or you can create your own theme from scratch and get exactly what you want.

keep in mind, if you have /boot on it’s own partition that is less than 1GB, your theme folder can start filling up that space pretty quick so try not to just load them all in there or you won’t be able to boot.

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The /boot partition space is a good shout. I didn’t think about that and it is worth keeping an eye on.

I think it is a bug on the progress bar and I might just file it on bugzilla.

Off topic, I did find some really good themes on github here: GitHub - AdisonCavani/distro-grub-themes: A pack of GRUB2 themes for each Linux distribution

the other thing to check is to see if your theme’s GFX setting is matched up with one of the settings listed when you type videoinfo at the grub prompt (type C while grub is on screen)

if not it may be struggling to display things properly.

that one’s not bad, looks clean.

there’s also these

and, of course

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