Bring back the magic: full width editable location bar

I’m sure it’s not an original request :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be just one of the toolbars but completely on the left, really completely with NOTHING to its left, and when the window is downsized to where the LOCATION occupies 90% of the location bar then the rest of the toolbar could break and continue underneath. Personally I want a title-bar which also has the full location, a menu bar, and a nav-bar (or tool bar) & NOTHING ELSE.

Yes, the full path visible is very useful.

It would be good to have one toolbar, with a minimum width for the location field that forces the rest of the buttons to wrap into a second toolbar (similar to a line break).

And for split view both location fields with minimum width, if necessary one to wrap below the other (maybe with a small indicator which field belongs to which pane). That may result in three toolbar heights on the window top, but for larger monitors that is nothing.

And all this with a setting for the user to chose between the old way (e.g. for smaller monitors), or to set the minimum width of the location fields.

Sorry, I can be slow in responding, doing too many things all at once all the time / :slight_smile:

I tooled around a bit with dolphin which lets me set the location bar to the left but most apps have their own way and it’s a jungle. The problem is likely the intermix of smartphone and desktop needs, the two I think being mutually exclusive of each other! Personally I have no use for dynamic or paging menus EITHER (another smartphone disease), I want to see all menu entries all the time, inactive ones just ghosted but PRESENT.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but if you remove location bar from toolbar, it will appear under tabs (before it was reset to its top original position, don’t really know when they moved it under tabs)



And if you want full editable location bar

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thanks! that expanding-spacer option is a surprise, it’s actaually very close to my idea (i want NOTHING to the left of it, no icon, no navigation, only a / for fs root).

Thank you so much! I was constantly looking for a dolphin replacement to have wider toolbars is split mode…

This was implemented when we moved the location bar on purpose for you use-case by Felix. Allow having the UrlNavigators below the tab bar (!114) · Merge requests · System / Dolphin · GitLab :wink:

Three years ago… I am really slow.

Everybody else like me: you also can put the toolbar on the side since then.

Total customizability for the win! :gear: :wrench: :screwdriver: :nut_and_bolt: :clamp: :gear: :+1: :+1: :+1: