Bring back the old renaming style

Funny coincidence if you look here. During gnome 2 and plasma 4 days, gnome had a poor file renaming style than plasma. But from gnome 3, gnome adopted the KDE 4 style while plasma 5 adopted the worse gnome 2 style.

Gnome before

Gnome after
Plasma before

Plasma after

If anyone is confused, gnome adopted single line renaming, while plasma adopted multiline renaming. Both did 180, sadly plasma choose the wrong side because single line renaming is superior in every ways. Plz bring it back.

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Dolphin Settings > “General” page > uncheck “Rename inline”


True. Multiline renaming is a pain. It sometimes cuts parts of the to-be-named lines.

Btw. Like some other things it will only work in dolphin. It doesn’t work on Desktop. I use my desktop as actual desktop. But unlike Desktop in Dolphin’s desktop, a bunch of stuff will not work on it. Single line renaming, certain servicemenus ( copy/move to…)…zero. Desktop, folder widget, no go. Doesn’t work, hasn’t since 5.21-ish. Desktop is semi-detached from Dolphin ~/Desktop, has a life on its own. I made my own copy/move/whatever service menu with a kdialog. And um…last time I did a Debian Sid KDE it was even worse. But that one had a serious issue with correctly associating Desktop to my locale ( Dutch) Bureaublad. So at a given point I figured it was due to some local setting in the scripting that Desktop as such wasn’t linked. In some cases it used Desktop and yet another was looking for Bureaublad. Nightmare.

Here’s the inline thing…And um…as a sidenote. I installed this 5.27…I dunno, 'bout a week ago. What doyouknow? It didn’t set dolphin ~/Bureaublad but ~/Desktop. Had to create it manually. First time in a looong time this happened ( kubuntu). But I thought " not THIS again !".