Broken powerline rendering in Konsole 24.01.75?

As you can see, it renders correctly in Kitty and Wezterm (plus vscode, and Konsole 23.08). All fonts are set to (unpatched) JetBrains Mono 10pt. I also have some nerd fonts installed. So it seems Konsole somehow can’t fallback to nerd fonts while other terms can? How do I debug this kind of issues?

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Hey, I’ve just upgraded to Plasma 6 and I’m on Konsole 24.02.0 with exactly the same issue. Did you ever find a solution or filed a bug report that I can track? In my case icons only render if I select MesloGS as Konsole’s font , but if I change the font to anything else, the icons stop rendering.


You should use, in your Konsole profile, a font that comes with all required glyphs to be displayed correctly.