Browser auto-starting to Google SSO page for Akonadi Resources

Hello all!

I believe this issue is related to Kmail.

I’ve searched for answers elsewhere but have been unable to resolve.

Backstory: in setting up kmail, I attempted to link my gmail account which led me
to the Google SSO page for Akonadi Resources. The setup seemed unsuccessful.

Long story short, I ended up opting for a different email client which I tend to prefer (evolution) and used dnf remove kmail on my Fedora system. However, upon startup, my system continues to automatically start Brave Browser and navigate to the SSO page mentioned above.

I’ve tried to identify the source file or cache that might be causing this, but have been unsuccessful thus far.

Would anyone be able to provide some guidance to prevent the auto-start?

Thanks a ton for reading,

Hi, you likely still have Akonadi, the Kontact’s backround service still installed and running with the Google account still set up and it probably is trying to refresh authentication.

Either uninstall akonadi and kdepim-runtime packages feom your distro, or install back KOrganizer, remove the configured calendar accounts and uninstalll it again.

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Thanks so much dvratil,

Was able to resolve by reinstalling and removing the account. I was definitely over-complicating things