[Bug Fix] :: Cursor issue - Camera snapping into downward facing position in some games

These two bugs at least:


I can chip in $50 USD. Will update this post if others will add to the pool.

I can only put in 23aud/14.89usd

Thats all i have right now lol

Er… You folks know that you don’t have to donate to get bugs solved, right?

Just report those bugs and put your wallets away.

pollux asked how much it would cost “to get this bug fixed”, and Nate replied,

See Sponsored Work - KDE Discuss if you’d like to go down that path.

So here I am in Sponsored Work, because I can afford to put some money into a bug bounty. Or is that not what this category is for?


Please keep your money, I don’t want anybody to give all they have to this!

In a perfect word yes - but in my opinion this is a valid approach to improve the motivation. I reported quite some Okular form bugs - they are now years old - and haven’t been fixed so far (either due to lack of motivation or resources). Maybe a small financial motivation helps to get those fixed…

Sure, but if you are short on cash, just report it. Don’t feel obliged to pay or donate to get something changed. Developers want their software to work too.

That said, if/when you do have some money to spare:

The native Wine Wayland driver might solve this. The first part of Vulkan support should arrive soon: winewayland.drv: part 10.1: Vulkan VkSurfaceKHR (!4340) · Merge requests · wine / wine · GitLab

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My apologies, @Andreas_Wuest . I received this as an out-of-context mod-message for suspected spam activity – something must’ve tripped the spam detection bot). I was not aware I was in the “sponsored work” topic.

Carry on.

I also found this merge request for keyboard input: Draft: winewayland.drv: Implement keyboard input support. (!4102) · Merge requests · wine / wine · GitLab

The first part of changes (2/12) were merged already in 4204. I wonder if a new release of Wine with the Wine Wayland driver will wait for the other 10 commits to be merged.

Anyone tried to use Proton 7.x or GE-Proton 7.55?
I stuck to using the latter because GE-Proton versions higher than this gives me that weird bug and I don’t experience any issues.

It did! The issue has been fixed by the (experimental) Wayland driver in Wine 9.

In FFXIV at least, it’s recommended to enable the in-game option to restrict mouse operation to the window, otherwise the camera goes crazy. Also the cursor doesn’t hide like it normally would when moving the camera.


I haven’t tested other games with it yet.

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Nice, I tried the git Wine but couldn’t get windows to update properly in KDE. Maybe I’ll try 9.0 instead :slight_smile: