[Bug Fix] :: Fixing okular JS Form calculation problems


i would like to sponsor the fixing of this Okular issue which forces me to use proprietary pdf viewers to populate the PDF Form. In order to bring okular to a level where it can really compete with other products there are quite some PDF Form issues that need to be fixed. But let’s start with this one and see if this is a way that we can go. I can offer 25 € for fixing the issue payable to an individual person or preferable to KDE e.V. (for tax reasons :wink: ). I know that the amount is not enough for someone living in the western world, but it’s a start - and others can join this effort.

Hoping the best,

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are you able to compile okular yourself ?

if you could test out Draft: Assume there are no thousand separators when converting numerical strings (!832) · Merge requests · Graphics / Okular · GitLab in some real scenarios, we could get it merged.

not really - i tried once to build okular myself, but failed - so i stop my efforts.

However i am wondering about why there are not tests for the possible scenarios? In order to prevent regression why not write some unit tests? Or integration tests with real documents?
As far as i can tell there are tests - which work with real documents:

Raising the bounty to 50 Euro to get this issue finally fixed.