[Bug Fix] Global Menu doesn't work for non QT apps on wayland

Hi, I’m interested in paying $300 (USD) to have this bug 424485 – GDbus-DBusMenu-Proxy does not work for GTK Wayland apps resolved. It’s very frustrating not having this feature in working order on wayland. I can be flexible with payment method but have a strong preference for something easy like paypal.


I would recommend you also post about the bounty over at bugs.kde.org and also possibly cross-link between the two platforms for greater visibility.
I hope you can get someone interested to work on this as it seems to be in high demand! :slightly_smiling_face:

There is already a bug report: 424485 – GDbus-DBusMenu-Proxy does not work for GTK Wayland apps

I am going to take a look at the issue and see if I can do anything, it has been delayed because of other things on my plate but hopefully will be able to check it out shortly. :slight_smile:

I took a good look, it seems to me like the issue is fairly complex with a lot of disparate moving parts.

In addition it seems as though a lot of work has already been going on to resolve the underlying issue, which appears to be focused on this open merge request to the Wayland protocols.

You are correct, this isn’t something that can solely be fixed on the KDE side.

As an update - since this can’t be fixed on KDE’s end (yet) I want to lower my offer to $50 because the high rate for the original offer was intended to incentive a “quick fix”, which is unfortunately not possible. I can’t edit my post anymore, so I’m just putting it here. Hope y’all understand.

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