[Bug Fix] :: Screen freezing/lags every second when screen sharing (Wayland)

When sharing screen using the portal my screen stutters every second, I’d love to see this fixed.

Here is a bug report directly related to it:

I looked into it and found this other bug report which I think is related as when one of my CPU cores isn’t at 100% it doesn’t stutter ever second. (Tested this on multiple Wayland compositors.)

I’m happy to chip in $100 AUD.

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I’ve done some further work on figuring out the cause of the issue of this is and I’m pretty sure it has to something to with this commit screencast: Ensure we respect the negotiated framerate (226d8c0a) · Commits · Plasma / KWin · GitLab.

Hi Toby, thank you for reaching out – I wasn’t aware of your bounty.

I’m thankful to accept your gracious offer, my email and PayPal is elitedevx@gmail.com.

Just sent the money, could you edit your comment or make a new one with the MR so that I can mark that as the solution?

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